'Hiraeth' by Krystal Dawn Campbell, CFTF2017 - Photo by Dave Daggers

'Hiraeth' by Krystal Dawn Campbell, CFTF2017 - Photo by Dave Daggers

Cardiff Fringe Theatre Festival 2018
May 31st - June 16th

Hello and welcome to our website! Unlike many fringe festivals, this is not an appendage to an existing festival. The CFTF celebrates the pre-existing community of quirky, independent, original, and up-and-coming artists on the ‘fringe’ of the commercial entertainment industry in Cardiff.

We are proud to say it is a Community Interest Company run by local volunteers! Cardiff Fringe Theatre Festival was set up in 2016 to make theatre affordable for audiences and artists. This is achieved by:

  • £10 ticket price cap;
  • majority of artists in the programme are locally-based;
  • variety of genres are programmed;
  • in most cases, artists are provided with venues free of charge;
  • venues are provided with events that either complement their usual creative output OR bring new audiences through their doors.

The festival aims to benefit Cardiff’s cultural scene, and bring artists together in order to learn from each other and drive up standards in this glorious capital city!

Over the eight day festival of 2017, thirty-two performance events were staged by fifteen theatre companies in eleven venues across the city. Three shows were sell-outs! Over seven hundred tickets were sold overall. Around two hundred people attended the free events. Bring on 2018!

We hope that we can answer any questions you may have but if you have anything playing on your mind please do contact us using this here contact form!

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