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Workshop: ScriptDawg
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Workshop: ScriptDawg



ScriptDawg - Script Writing Crash Course for the Procrastinator

Free unticketed development event

Venue: The Other Room

Are you a writer who suffers from the terrible affliction Distractinitus? Where your hand drifts further away from the pen and closer to a Buzzfeed Quiz? We implore you, resist the urge to uncover which Disney villain you are (we got Hades) and come to our Scriptwriting Crash Course for the Procrastinator.

In this workshop we aim to make you self-sufficient in generating ideas; working to a deadline; setting realistic, achievable goals and writing for competitions. During the process we'll also work on character development.

Contrary to the workshop's title, anyone is welcome to join us. If you've stumbled into a writer's block, if you've never written anything before or you're an established writer, we'd be more than happy to host you.

So, what are you waiting for? The next Buzzfeed Quiz?

The maximum number of participants for this workshop is 10, so arrive early to make sure you get a spot!

Access information: This venue is fully wheelchair accessible, via the back entrance.

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