Godden and Barnes

We are not clever. YOU are clever. Or maybe you’re really thick, like us.

Let us be the antidote to your concern, let us make you feel big, as we do small things, to make you laugh and smile. If you don’t find us funny, we are performance art, and you just don’t get it… But hey, it’s ok to not get it. We’re not sure we do. It’s art. (No, I’m Art, Dan. What? No, just keep typing you idiot. Sorry) Anyway…

Godden and Barnes want to reclaim the term clown, to act as laughter-objects; jesters for a modern society. As an audience, we want you to sit on the royal table, guffawing at us in between mouthfuls of grapes and turkey breast (unfortunately food is not provided – awaiting Arts Council Funding). As a comedy duo, we have several exciting projects in the pipeline, or at least, in our heads. We are not plumbers, or Russian, but be prepared to be covered in a surreal, eclectic oil of silly. (Towels and sense of humour not provided – bring your own).

Have a look around this hyperreal environment, and see what you can find. We cannot take responsibility for your procrastination, but will happily provide temporary solutions for the inevitable event that is death. (I said leave it on a positive note, Artie!)